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Raccoon Repellents

Raccoon Repellents

A bandit mask and a bushy tail are the first things you would notice in an Augusta raccoon. They make it look cute with a hint of nuisance playing in their eyes. They have adapted very well to urbanized environments and usually enter your house in search of food. They may forage your bins and mess up your garden looking for something to eat. This is exactly why we want to keep them away. There are many Georgia raccoon repellents available in the market but the effectiveness of these products is questionable because those repellents have not been approved.

Some of the most popular raccoon repellents are:

1. Granular Repellents – They can be used around flowerbeds, gardens, attics, sheds and almost any place that may be used by the Augusta raccoon to enter into your Georgia home. The granules will keep them away.

2. Liquid Spray Repellents – Liquid Repellents can be sprayed in areas which are frequented by raccoons to keep them away. They are usually used outdoors and must be reapplied after rainfall.

3. Electronic Repellents – Electronic repellents help you scare the Augusta raccoons with a burst of water which identifies the presence of these animals with the help of a motion sensor. Another type of electronic repellent, triggers a mixture of ultrasonic sound which can scare away the raccoons. However, we have often noticed this go wrong and the sound to be audible to us which disturbs everyone in the Georgia neighbourhood.

4. Repellent Mothballs – The odor emitted by mothballs is usually avoided by Augusta raccoons. Using mothballs can help you keep these animals away but you may run the danger of pets and children ingesting them accidently.

5. Cayenne Pepper – A home remedy that is effective in keeping Augusta raccoons away is cayenne pepper. Raccoons do not like the smell of cayenne pepper so create a solution of 1 canister cayenne pepper in a bottle of hot sauce and a gallon of water. Spray this solution around your house and garden and Georgia raccoons will stay away from your home.

6. Ammonia – Another solution that allows you to keep Augusta raccoons away is ammonia. You can spray ammonia in places where racoons have been spotted and keep rags dipped in ammonia in the entry points used by raccoons.

Repellents are not as effective and you may find raccoons return to your home once the effectiveness of the repellent fades away. Rainfalls often remove traces of repellents and you will have to reapply them to ensure Georgia raccoons do not come back.

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