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  • Augusta Educational Article of the Month - Opossum Prevention Tips: How To Keep Opossums Away

Opossum Prevention Tips: How To Keep Opossums Away

Opossum Prevention Tips: How To Keep Opossums Away

Opossum the only marsupial animal of America has become a common sight as these animals are very easily distinguishable by its snow white face, black or brown body and pink colored tail. These beasts are considered as more of a nuisance and people actually want them away from their Georgia houses. They eat up the pet’s food, spoil the garden and worst of all get inside the walls of the house and start living there. They could do considerable amount of damage by chewing the electrical wires or wood or the dry wall, their dropping contains parasites harmful to the pets which could get them infected and if die inside the walls then there is an issue of bio-hazard endangering the health of your family. The best thing is to keep them far so here are few measures to keep them away as follows:

Fences –The most effective way to keep new enemies out is fencing around the perimeter. You could use the traditional picket or wire mesh fence to prevent them however, couple of things to keep in mind while putting up a fence: it should be buried deep in the Augusta ground at least a feet or two and few feet above so that these critters neither could dig or either jump and invade.

Home repairs –Repairs and improvements could help a lot to stop the invasion like setting up of traps at places and make sure the exterior of the walls, nets or doors are not cracked or broken or do not have holes to give them an entry to take shelter.

Natural remedies – Not a permanent but effective way to keep these Augusta beasts away. First eliminate their source of food so that they do not have any interest to enter your house. Keep the garbage inside secured bins so that they do not have access to the garbage, another thing that can be done is do not keep the pet’s food outside lying accessible to them. If you have a kitchen garden do not leave rotten vegetables or fruits lying around pick them and dispose properly. The bottom line is to keep the place clean in addition to this few of the repellants can also be prepared at home naturally like molasses mixed with water, spicy and hot solutions like fresh garlic in water with hot pepper or the Quassia tree’s bark mixed in water could be sprayed around and inside your Georgia garden to keep them away for some time.

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