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  • Augusta Educational Article of the Month - How To Kill A House Mouse

How To Kill A House Mouse

How To Kill A House Mouse

Mouse infestation can be a huge problem. They can be hazardous to humans and can also create a lot of damage to the property. So if you are one of the frustrated ones to get the Augusta mouse out of the house, then killing would be the last resort. Although it is not recommended to go for this option as prevention and live trapping are also effective ways to do the same task. Here are some of the ways through which you can kill a Georgia mouse.

1. Mousetraps
This is one of the easiest options to get rid of the Augusta mouse. You have to put the perfect bait for the mouse, like peanut butter or chocolate and whenever the mouse comes to eat that, the trap works by releasing the steel frame directly onto the rats neck thus chopping it off. But you have to put it in a good position and you also have to clean the place afterwards.

2. Poison
There is poison available for Augusta mouse in either block or pellet varieties. You can use bromadiolone poison to kill the mouse. There are also several types of different poisons available in the market and the best thing is that they can be bought easily. You do not have to roam around to search for Georgia mouse poison. It can be readily available from any general store.

3. Gluetraps
Another way to capture and kill the Augusta mouse in a nice and efficient way is to use gluetraps. Just use a wooden board and put a glue all over the surface. Make sure that the layer of glue is thick and adhesive is strong. And put a nice bait on the middle of it. So whenever mouse comes for the bait, they get struck in the glue and then die of hypothermia.

4. Homemade water trap
First of all you have to get garbage can or pail that will have two opposing handles. Then fill it one-quarter full of water. Then poke a hole in the bottom of the used bottle or can and get a string or wire through the hole and tie it onto both the handles. Now you have to put on the peanut butter onto the can to attract the mouse to the can. Put a piece of plywood against the body of the can so that the mouse has easy access to the can. Once the mouse reached the top, it will slip into the can and you will find a drowned Georgia mouse in the morning. However, it is always better to take prevention or use leather snap trapping rather than killing the innocent Georgia house mouse.

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