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  • Augusta Educational Article of the Month - Bat Trapping: How To Trap A Bat

Bat Trapping: How To Trap A Bat

Bat Trapping: How To Trap A Bat

Bats setting up camp in your homes and buildings can be an annoyance and can also carry serious diseases along with them. So it’s best to be rid of them as soon as possible Here are some methods through which bats can be eliminated.

Ways to trap a bat:

Using Butterfly Net
This can be a tricky way to catch an Augusta bat more so if it’s big in size. Wait for the bat to land and rest somewhere and then bring down the net over it, being careful at the same time as to not crush it. Once captured you can take it outside and release it.

Using a Bowl or a Jar
Trap the Augusta bat in either a jar or a bowl and wait for the bat to tire out, as it will land somewhere and rest. You can easily remove the bat now by introducing a piece of paper between the wall of the container and where the Georgia bat rests.

Scare the bat away
In the room where the Augusta bats are present, make sure that you open the windows to the room as wide as possible. Now get hold of a long handled broom and shoo the bat from the hiding/ resting place towards the open window. After some tries it will fly out.

Catch it using your hands
Make sure that you wear thick rubber gloves and full sleeve clothes before you catch the bats as they can turn aggressive and bite you when they feel threatened. You can also catch them using a towel, by smothering them in their resting place. Make sure that you carry out this process gently as Georgia bats have fragile bones which can break easily.

The Best Method: Using a Bat Trap
In this procedure a special cage is used as a trap and is placed on the entry points through which the bats enter our homes. These points can be very small for example a loose roof tile, or simply a small hole in the ceiling. Using the Bat traps is an easy way to trap and get rid of Augusta bats. Moreover, you can also observe them closely as they are trapped and also don’t come under the threats associated with catching them with nets, hands, etc.

The bat trap types can either be made of cages or be of glue board type where the bats can get stuck in the superglue when they attempt to fly through them. However, it is better to refrain from using superglue traps as they are inhuman and spare a thought for the poor Georgia bat.

Trapping bats and removing them is okay, however nothing beats a live bat exclusion. It is the safest and a permanently effective way to get rid of bats. Install the exclusion devices at the entry points through which the bats come in. The exclusion devices are designed in such a way that they only allow for safe exits of bats from the house and they cannot get back in through these devices. After some time, all the bats would escape through these devices and the holes in the floors and ceilings can be plugged in to prevent re-entry.

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